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Get involved

As a church, we believe that God has called us to serve. The bible says, love the Lord your God with all your heart, strength, soul and mind. That is why we want to be active in ministering to each other and in ministry within the congregation. 

Creative ministries

The creative ministries takes care of the visual aspect. We do our utmost to represent the love of Jesus, beyond the church walls. We do this through our livestream, the summit show and the support we give to bring every word to life.

Kids ministries

We believe that the children are the next generation. They thus play an important role in society and will build the next generation themselves.


Our municipality consists of a number of regions. We think it is important that everyone receives the same attention and care. That's why every region has a region leader who offers personal support, but above all is a great friend :) 

Worship ministries

Worship is indispensable. Worship brings us closer to God. Through worship we open ourselves to his presence. Our goal is to bridge the gap for the church of God so that they can have a true encounter with God.

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Pastoral support

In order to be able to fully support the pastors within the church, we have a pastoral team. From the pastoral team we provide pastoral help and support the other departments,  both on a practical and spiritual level.

Facilities ministries

In order to be of service to everyone, we as facilities ensure that all facilities are available. We ensure that the areas are neat and clean. In addition, take care of a nice cup of coffee with something delicious.

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