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How to sow and build the church

As the Hermon family, we believe in sowing. We believe that the seed we sow will grow into a great harvest. It's about offering. We believe that God sees the purity of our offering. Whether we pray and fast, or make a donation, God sees our heart and His hand will move. Through the unity we have with each other, God will command His blessing forever.

Ways to donate:

in the flesh

In the hall we have 3 offer boxes in which you can place your donation. You can place this in the envelope, which is included with the offer box.


You can donate via the buttons below. Go in prayer and pray for your sacrifice. You can then make your donation. 


Send an email to From here you can help with your donation.

Via Whatsapp

Send us a message on 040-2489977, so that we can guide you further in your donation.

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